07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package
07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package

07K Standalone ECU & Swap Harness Package

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This all inclusive package includes the Haltech Elite 750 Standalone ECU, the Haltech CAN Wideband O2 Sensor and Controller, the Boost Brothers Garage Swap Harness, IAT Sensor and a base tune for both NA & Turbo applications. We even offer the optional Haltech iC-7 Color Race Dash. This is everything you need to do a full feature stand alone engine management system on your 07K powered project. 

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The Elite 750 is an entry-level ECU offering many features available on the more advanced Elite 1500/2500 at an affordable price. Featuring a robust, environmentally sealed, waterproof case, 6 fuel and 6 ignition channels, on-board data logging and flex fuel tuning the Elite 750 is a powerful, compact ECU. Like all Elite Series ECUs, the Elite 750 ECU now uses the Nexus Software Programmer (NSP) that brings levels of functionality and user friendliness never seen before in an engine control package. Together they offer true cutting edge technology to tuners and performance enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Supports 1 to 8 Cylinder engines
  • 1 to 3 Rotor engines
  • Normally aspirated or forced induction
  • Load sensing by Throttle Position (TPS), Manifold
  • Pressure (MAP) or Mass Air Flow (MAF)
  • Staged, Sequential, semi sequential, batch or multipoint injection patterns
  • Distributor ignition systems, multi-coil systems, expand CDI range or Haltech Multiplex CDI systems
  • Connect to a wide range of display dashes and expansion devices via CAN.
  • Waterproof case (IP67) (with USB cover fitted)
  • 34 position AMP connector
  • 6 x Fuel Injection Outputs (peak and hold (0-8A peak / 0-2A hold)
  • 6 x Ignition Outputs
  • 2 x Dedicated Engine Position inputs with extensive trigger type support
  • 2 x Digital Pulsed Inputs
  • 5 x Digital Pulsed Outputs
  • 2 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
  • 3 x Dedicated Inputs (Throttle Position, Coolant Temperature & Air Temperature)
  • Internal 3Bar MAP sensor rated up to 200kPa of boost (2Bar/29psi)
  • Up to 45 channels of Input & Output (I/O) expansion (via CAN)
  • USB Laptop Communication (Windows)
  • On-board data logging
  • NSP Calibration Software – Intuitive and easy to use

    Swap Harness:

    • Direct Plug & Play w/ VW Sensors
    • High Quality Materials and Connectors
    • All Connectors Permanently Marked
    • Includes Tach Output w/ Male & Female Universal Connector
    • Includes Connector f/ Optional Fuel & Oil Press. Sending Units
    • Easy OEM Gauge Integration f/ Porsche 944

    Wideband Controller: 

    This single channel Haltech wideband O2 is a CAN based wideband controller perfectly suited for the Haltech Elite and Haltech Nexus ECU’s. This digital wideband lets you know when your O2 sensor has failed and enacts the ECU's engine protections. 

    Race Dash (optional): 

    With a crisp, clear and full colour display, the all new Haltech iC-7 Display Dash lets you see things in a brand new way. Designed and manufactured in Australia with motoring enthusiasts in mind, the iC-7 offers market-leading features in a unique, state-of-the-art package. Featuring auto-dimming ambient light reactive brightness, user-programmable multi-colour shift light bar, the iC-7 connects directly to all current Haltech ECUs via a CAN network.

    • Ideal replacement for individual analogue gauge clusters.
    • Easy to install and configure.
    • User adjustable brightness control with automatic dimming.
    • User configurable channels, units and alarms.
    • 14 programmable, seven colour shift light LEDs.
    • Controlled via easily accessible, face-mounted control buttons.
    • Configuration via Haltech iC-7 software and USB cable.


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