High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms
High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms
High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms
High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms
High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms
High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms
High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms

High Strung 944 Tubular Front Control Arms

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Note: These arms are made to order and have a 2-4 week lead time. 

The lower control arm can be a weak point in the suspension of the Porsche 944 models and can be prone to ball joint failure, especially under hard driving conditions such as experienced on the track. Consisting of outer and inner rubber sleeves, the 944 control arm bushings can fail due to any number of factors including rubber rot, cracking or degrading. The same can be said if you are considering aftermarket rebuild kits for the factory aluminum control arms which Porsche decided that the ball joints in the arms were not serviceable and if becoming loose, complete new control arms would need to be purchased and installed.

After years of testing on the track, High Strung 44 has developed an aftermarket lower control arm for the 944 which is reliable, safe, better performing, less expensive to maintain, and more affordable than other aftermarket control arms.

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High Strung 44 control arms are hand fabricated in house with chrome moly 4130 condition N tubing, and then TIG welded with ER80S -D2 fill rod, then professionally powder coated (optional) to provide years of service. TIG welding is employed allowing for stronger, higher quality welds.

Chrome moly is an alloy steel and is stronger than mild steel and aluminum of the same thickness. Chrome moly has a higher tensile strength and is less prone to flexing than these other metals. However, High Strung 44 does not reduce the tubing thickness to just match the strength of mild steel, but rather uses the same thickness tubing so that our arms are stronger than comparable mild steel arms. This also provides High Strung 44 arms with less flex than mild steel resulting in a more responsive and precise handling suspension.

Pins are 17 mm only. Rod ends and ball joint threads are 3/4" easy to get just about anywhere that sell performance parts. The metal for the caster blocks is 6061 T-6 aluminum

All High Strung 44 control arms come with adjustable end links on the inboard side which are spherical Teflon coated self lubricating JMX12T rod ends, including solid caster blocks. The spherical joints eliminate binding that occurs with the stock arms and also reduces the rubber between the chassis and the pavement, making steering and handling more responsive.


You can order High Strung 44 Control Arms either with adjustable or non-adjustable ball joints. 

The Adjustable Model is equipped with COM12T bearings and adjustable longer stud and spacer setup. This model is equipped with an adjustable ball joint which comes in only a 17 mm length which provides from the stock length set up to a 1 1/4" taller needed for cars with a lower ride height. These units are designed to maintain stock geometry for those who have lowered the ride height of their cars. When lowered, you can get the control arm down again so that geometry is not compromised in the search for low ride height. Another advantage of this design is the ball joint is easily replaced and for under $75.

The Non-Adjustable Model of the High Strung 44 control arm offers the stock OEM 3-bolt Moog ball joint. This design allows for the safe and easy replacement of the ball joint at the low price around $35. Compare this to other aftermarket rebuild kits for the stock aluminum control arms which are being sold for around $150.


High Strung 44 Control Arms are available for both Early and Late model 944's, and other related models as listed below. Supplied with all the parts needed to replace the factory control arm. No modifications are required to install in your stock car. Only recommended for track use.

Below is a list of LATE model Porsches for which these control arms are compatible. Price is the same for any model.

- Porsche 944 1987, 1988 and 1989
- Porsche 944S 1987 and 1988
- Porsche 944S2 1989, 1990 and 1991
- Porsche 944 Turbo 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991
- Porsche 968 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995

Below is a list of the EARLY model Porsches for which these control arms are compatible. Price is the same for any model. 

- Porsche 924S 1987 and 1988
- Porsche 944 1983, 1984 and 1985 Early model cars
- Porsche 944 1985 and 1986 Late model cars
- Porsche 944 Turbo 1986 


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